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Is your English holding you back professionally?

At Barda Business English, we will empower you to achieve your business goals in an English-speaking world.

Business English specialist Ilana Barda works with professionals who want to improve their written, conversational and presentation skills in English.

At Barda Business English, we train professionals across a wide range of industries, including hi-tech, cyberint, biotech, medtech, fintech, blockchain, insurance, industry, agritech and more.

We work with everyone from C-suite executives, through to HR and Recruitment, Business Development, Marketing, Account Executives, Customer Success and Tech Support.

With over twenty-five years’ international teaching and training experience, Ilana works with both individual clients and groups to boost their skills and confidence in English.

Organic courses – no rigid text-based

At Barda Business English, you won’t have to put up with standard, mass-produced courses.

We understand that each client is different and has their own unique goals, so tailor each course towards your specific business communication needs.

See Packages for details.

Improving your Business English directly impacts your performance at work – you will become a more articulate and confident communicator in any situation.

How do we do this?

By teaching you the skills you’re missing (grammar/vocabulary/email skills/phone skills/diplomatic language etc), together with interactive discussion and scenario work, relevant to your working world.

We also send you homework between sessions, to help you reinforce new concepts. This is a proven method which helps our clients retain new information and learn faster.

Meet Ilana

I’m a Business English specialist with over twenty-five years’ international teaching and training experience. Australian-born, with a BA and Diploma of Education (University of Melbourne), I work with business professionals and companies seeking to upgrade their Business English skills.

I’ve always loved working with and listening to people – it’s a priority for me to develop a close rapport with each and every one of my clients. As a result, our sessions have a real element of fun and friendship, which helps create an incredibly effective learning environment.

This personal touch is just one of the unique benefits of Barda Business English – but don’t ask me, ask my clients. 😊


Our Services

Business Professionals Package

Empowering business professionals in areas of written and verbal communication and presentation.

Company Employees/Groups

Customised to fit the needs of your company’s employees; whether you’re a small start-up, an established mid-sized business or a large multi-national.

Clients and Testimonials

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  • Orel Bitan
    I've had the pleasure of working with Ilana for close to three years. As VP Cyber Research, Business English is a critical tool for me when communicating with customers and investors – including presentations, pitches, Q & A, small talk and more. Ilana’s added value includes outstanding practical support, such as simulations of these conversations and presentations, but goes beyond this – offering valuable insights into the structure of the content and the types of questions I could expect to be asked. Ilana’s positivity and humour ensured each session was lively and dynamic. I highly recommend Ilana to anyone seeking an exceptional Business English Trainer to boost their business communication skills and confidence.
    Orel Bitan
  • Sarit Barzilay
    Talented, highly-skilled and results-oriented – this is Ilana to a “T”. I recently signed up for a Business English course with Ilana, and she delivered with one that was closely tailored to my business needs. From Day One, Ilana provided me with the tools to handle presentations, phone calls and emails to colleagues overseas - as well as soft skills like Small Talk. I was surprised at how quickly I gained confidence during the course. Sessions with Ilana were always dynamic, fun and focused on boosting business performance. If you’re looking for a Business English trainer to take your English to the next level and beyond – I highly recommend Ilana.
    Sarit Barzilay
    SES Satellites
  • Hagay Drori
    My Business English course with Ilana was super helpful, with practical simulations and actual solutions for day-to-day challenges, tailored to my working world. Even after the course is over, I’m constantly using the skills and customized materials gained from Ilana each session. Thank you, Ilana!
    Hagay Drori
    Everads Therapy
  • Orit Manber
    We hired Ilana in June 2022 to work with some of our C-Suite executives, who wanted to sharpen their Business English communication skills. The team really enjoyed the sessions with Ilana, which were practical, focussed and fun. Each session featured targeted simulation activities in a variety of business situations. Ilana delivered a complete toolkit for confident communication with managers and suppliers overseas - she is absolutely “a cut above” when it comes to Business English trainers. We are happy to recommend Ilana to anyone wanting to boost their Business English skills.
  • Danit Gad-Nomberg
    I took my first business English course with Ilana around a year ago. Back then, I was already, after many years in the SW industry, using my English all the time and felt comfortable with that. However, arriving at Gong, I found myself surrounded by brilliant, native-English-speaking PMs, and American sales and CSM - who are awesome speakers "by design":-)!! There was no doubt that I needed to upgrade my English to cope better and express myself well. Especially in my role, conducting so many sessions about processes (what we had so far, what we are going to have from now on, etc - it’s a huge grammar rabbit hole :-) And then came Ilana :-), with her awesome methods, smile, positive vibes, and practical approach. After ten 1:1 lessons, I took another 10. I could talk about my work, get her feedback, consult about articles/ emails I’d written, processes I  wanted to communicate, and presentations I used to sharpen my messages, convince the audience, or share specific insights.. Super recommended to managers and employees working closely with colleagues aboard, and willing to take that essential step forward with this critical skill. If you have an employer's budget of 1 course per year - this is the one.
  • Einav Shechter
    If you are looking for a Business English Trainer I highly recommend Ilana. She has helped WhiteSource employees from a variety of departments (R&D, PS, etc) to reach their goals, with professionalism and creativity. Ilana is fun and easy to work with. Sessions with her are dynamic and always focussed on practical application of new skills. Ilana's flexibility, being able to adapt to last-minute changes in the goal of a particular session (for example, if an employee has a presentation to make the next day / an important phone call to a manager overseas..) was extremely important to me - and another reason I’m glad I chose her to be our English trainer.
    Einav Shechter
  • Itay Aviyam
    As part of an organization that puts customer experience at the forefront and works backwards to the technology, we also understand the power of language in the Technical Support world. As such, at Illusive, we provide Business Training to our technical advisors to help them master customer communication as a tool for success. We want to recommend Ilana Barda, our mentor in Business English. With the help of her mentorship and skills, we have trained our team and provided them with a toolbox for perfect syntax, written and spoken English, and the ability to adapt it to our clients’ personalities in a wide variety of situations
    Itay Aviyam
  • Dgtronix
    Ilana's Business English training is nothing short of first-class. As a leading hardware-design solution provider to local and overseas hi-tech companies, Business English is a top priority for Dgtronix. A few months ago, we requested a customised seminar for team members, and Ilana delivered – and then some. A dynamic and entertaining presenter, she created a fun and engaging environment for our employees, focussing on content relevant to our working world. By the end of the seminar, Ilana had provided us with a valuable toolkit of Business English skills. If you want the best - I warmly recommend Ilana for your Business English training needs.
    Dudi Tash
  • Kelly Ailin Chen
    Ilana is in a league of her own when it comes to Business English coaching.  Her ability to understand my working world, and to tailor the course precisely to my needs, has been incredibly helpful. I’ve been able to immediately apply new skills to phone calls and emails.  The sessions with Ilana were always fun – she’s great at connecting with people and helping them to feel at ease. I’m now much more confident when communicating in English.  I highly recommend Ilana for first-class Business English training!
  • Verint
    I have been studying Business English for the past ten months with Ilana Barda. Over this period, both my written and verbal skills in English have improved significantly. Ilana has helped me to expand my vocabulary, speak far more fluently, hone my grammar skills and in particular, to refine my email writing so that I feel much more confident when writing to colleagues and clients. My sessions with Ilana have been invaluable. They are always interesting, highly relevant and creative. Ilana strives to help me achieve the highest standards of English in both my speech and writing, which is essential for me. Ilana is a true professional who has brought significant value to my business performance. As a businessman who prides himself on both accuracy and assertiveness, I now feel that I am getting my message across far more directly and diplomatically when dealing with colleagues and clients, than ever before. I would warmly recommend Ilana to anyone seeking to boost their business performance.
    Shalom B.
  • HP
    I would like to endorse Ilana for her great teaching language skills. She helped me to get the basics of the language in very few lessons. She masters both English and Hebrew, so one can easily get the specifics of each lesson, word of expression. I was specially delighted by Ilana´s flexibility to adapt the contents to my specific needs and progress, avoiding at anytime to be constrained by an specific book or procedure. I would recommend Ilana to anybody trying to get into the language or perfect the usage in specific situations. She is one of the most professional language teachers that I have had in my career. You will get confidence very fast.
    Xavier G.
  • Regional Council Menashe
    For years I wanted to take my English one step forward, especially with regard to the grammar. Eventually I had the wonderful opportunity to study with Ilana and in just a few sessions I was speaking and writing far more articulately – this is invaluable to my business performance. The lessons were characterized by a great atmosphere, personal attention and a pleasant working environment. Ilana showed great patience all along, as well as creativity and flexibility with respect to changing needs. Thanks to Ilana's uncompromising professionalism I now feel more confident in my English writing and speaking. I would warmly recommend Ilana!
    Regional Council Menashe
    Ronit H.
  • SanDisk
    As a Senior Buyer for a multinational hi-tech company, excellent English is vital to my business success. Ilana has helped me to achieve my goals, through her creative, dynamic approach to training. She quickly assessed the areas that needed improvement, and created an organic, flexible course around them. Ilana was able to adapt to changing needs throughout the course, always coming up with creative techniques and solutions. As a result of working with Ilana, the quality of my emails and presentations is now greatly improved. I feel that I am getting my message across clearly every time, both to colleagues and clients. Ilana is extremely dedicated, supportive, and above all, professional. I would warmly recommend Ilana to anyone who wants to boost their Business English skills!
    Efrat T.
  • Sagent
    Having excellent English and presentation skills are part of the DNA of the business world, especially if you are an executive in a global organization. I have had experience with a few English teachers; however, at the high levels, in order to gain a significant improvement it's vital that your coach understand the content. It’s not enough just to work on grammar or to increase your vocabulary pool - what is really important is to receive feedback with impact on the content itself. Ilana is unique in this arena. Her professionalism, broad understanding and unique personality highlighted and exposed my weaknesses and by that opened the way for a lifetime improvement, not just with my English skills but with my communication skills in general. During our lessons, I felt as though I was having discussions with my business partner. As a result of working with Ilana, my emails and presentations are now constructed more diplomatically. Ilana has helped me to express the exact message I need to convey in each situation. I would warmly encourage you to work with Ilana if you want to refine your English communication skills to the point of excellence (even if you think your English is already perfect.)
    Oded Z.
  • SCR
    As a Production Manager in an agri-tech company, often dealing with overseas clients, I recognize the importance of having an excellent command of English. After working with Ilana, I am now speaking English far more confidently, and writing English-language emails to my clients which convey precisely the right message. I was particularly impressed by the dynamic nature of the sessions, as I found myself actively participating and refining my English, right from the start. Ilana provides a highly professional, innovative and personalized service. Working with her has had a direct impact on my business performance. As a top-tier Business English coach, Ilana earns my highest recommendation.
    Tali A.
  • RePark
    As a CEO of a future global start-up, I needed to improve my spoken English and translate the company's business documents into English. With Ilana I killed two birds with one stone. We practised conversational English, and simulated meetings and business presentations. Ilana helped us to upgrade our Executive Summary and business presentations, and really boosted the quality of my Linkedin profile. Behind the great personality, Ilana always had the right content to fit our vision; she's dynamic, creative and patient and devoted a lot of thought between and after classes. Working with Ilana is a real pleasure - she's helped me overcome my insecurities with spoken English. Now I feel more comfortable speaking with investors and making presentations to an audience. I highly recommend Ilana to anyone who wants to improve their skills in business English.
    Binyamin M.
  • Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd.
    Excellent English skills are an important part of my work requirements. Over the past few years, I've had occasional help from a few teachers in order to upgrade my English, especially the Business English. They were all very good, but Ilana is definitely in a different league. She provides a unique level of professionalism and comprehensive teaching. Ilana identified my significant English weakness and generated a program to address it within a predefined series of meetings. In addition to targeting grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, Ilana has also upgraded my business and diplomatic language, interview and small talk skills, ability to get my message across clearly, LinkedIn profile and more. After a relatively short time working with Ilana, my English skills have been boosted into a much higher level. Now I certainly feel more confidence when I speak or write English.
    Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd.
    Igal I.
  • WEB3
    It's rare to find a coach as talented and dedicated as Ilana. I've been taking a Business English course with Ilana for the past few months, with a view to upgrading my communication skills at work. She's just lovely to work with and there is always a fun atmosphere during sessions. The most important thing is that our sessions are custom made to my specific needs. Unlike in other English courses, with Ilana you'll discuss only issues relevant to your profession and will practise scenarios from your day-to-day work. In addition, during our sessions, we've created together an valuable lexicon of relevant words and phrases from my professional "world". The course with Ilana is highly focused and has helped me communicate far more professionally in my work. I would be happy to recommend Ilana to anyone seeking to upgrade their Business English skills.
    Shiri R.
    As Head of Global Customer Success for, a leading Digital Workplace Solution Provider, communicating effectively with clients worldwide is absolutely vital to me. I had the pleasure of working with Ilana over a period of six months in 2016, with a view to honing my client communication skills. Ilana has helped me to refine the language I use when reaching out to and negotiating with clients - this has had a direct impact on my business performance. I was particularly impressed by the way Ilana tailored our sessions to current issues I was dealing with. Her positive energy and zany sense of humor made each session dynamic and fun. I’ve really enjoyed working with Ilana and warmly recommend her to anyone seeking to scale up their Business English skills.
    Shalom K.
  • Carbyne
    I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with Ilana over the past few months. As a recruiter in a global company, I felt I had to improve my English skills, particularly writing and speaking, and was searching for the trainer who could assist me best. Ilana was warmly recommended to me and now I understand why. The lessons were professional, productive and focused on my specific needs. If I had to choose again, I would do the same and choose to take a Business English course with Ilana. I highly recommend Ilana as your next Business English trainer.
    Gal S.
  • Citi
    I never imagined Business English meetings could be both rewarding and fun – but working with Ilana proved it can be. Working in recruitment, my correspondence is almost exclusively in English and is often with English speakers, so I chose to upgrade and refine my Business English skills with Ilana. Our sessions were highly productive and tailored to my needs from week to week, which had significant impact on my spoken and written English. It was refreshing working with someone so dedicated, innovative and dynamic! I'd warmly recommend Ilana to anyone wanting to upgrade their Business English skills.
    Adi A.M.
  • CoolVision
    I’m pleased to recommend Ilana, having studied Business English with her for the past few months. Studying with Ilana has significantly impacted my business performance, as she has extensive experience in the hi-tech sector. I’m now communicating more effectively via email, and I am far more confident when conducting a business conversation in English. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who can understand my professional world, and a fun and interesting experience at the same time. Ilana is definitely a top Business English trainer in the field.
    Danielle F.
  • Swiss Re
    I would like to recommend Ilana as a business diplomatic English trainer. Such a pleasant personality. Connects in no time to your business world. The sessions were very interesting, educational, pleasant and more. Improvement was so quick. It was not only about improving English skills and knowledge alone, but much more, cultural differences, presentational abilities, written correspondence, etc. Do not waste time on standardized group sessions and other studies – pick Ilana.
    Swiss Re
    Diti S.
  • First
    Ilana is a highly professional Business English trainer. She gave me a clear framework for our course and worked gradually, according to my level. It wasn't just talking and practicing. The course was focused, clear and organized according to my business needs. Ilana continually challenged my skills and shifted me out of my comfort zone. I’m now corresponding at a far higher level of English, and feel much more comfortable when dealing with English speakers. The bonus is working with a great trainer, always interesting and with a great sense of humor. I always felt that Ilana is oriented to my needs, both professional & personal. If you’re looking for a trainer who will boost your business performance, you’ve found her in Ilana.
    Meytal P.