Business English Package for Company Employees/Groups

As many companies deal with overseas clients, vendors and suppliers, the need to communicate effectively in English is critical.

This package is customised to fit the needs of your company’s employees; whether you’re a small start-up, an established mid-sized business or a large multi-national.

Email Skills

How to structure them correctly, as well as using diplomatic language to ensure your message is crystal clear, yet non-aggressive and professional.

Phone Call Skills

How to start and end them professionally, how to keep your tone warm yet professional, how to “cut to the chase”, dealing with a complaint, making demands etc.

Meeting Skills

Meeting etiquette in English-speaking cultures has its own specific set of rules! We explore everything from agenda-setting through to leading a meeting, making and dealing with interruptions, disagreeing and so on.


Any grammar issues that arise during the course are covered from A-Z. Homework exercises are then sent to the participants so they can revise the material between sessions.

We work on the skills specific to each team (for example, when working with a Sales team, we might explore techniques for chasing up potential leads, Intro and post-Intro calls, closing techniques and so on).

How do we tailor our programs to you?

It’s a two-step process: first, we start with an introductory meeting, during which we discuss your challenges and goals, and your English level is assessed.

Then, with each session, new areas to work on are revealed – these could be anything from diplomatic language to gaps in grammar, which can often cause misunderstanding and sometimes even offense.

These “weak spots” are focussed on in subsequent sessions, so that the courses are organic, client-focussed and incredibly effective.

Our closely-tailored programs are highly interactive, using techniques such as scenario exercises, based around our clients’ actual working world. This is just one of the ways clients at Barda Business English practise and apply newly-learned skills in an environment relevant to them.